Plenty of Space

Many times there garage simply doesn’t serve the purposes we want it to. How many of our readers have a cluttered garage so you can’t store nearly as much as you want to? Been there; done that! Don’t deal with that any longer. We love helping families just like yours get all their items in the garage instead of offsite alternatives. Many times, we can also help you reclaim your flooring space for a more clean and polished looking space. 


According to our customer, Chris, he had “a lot of stuff and not enough room.” The solution was simple! We installed 20 feet of our Monkey Bar Storage shelving systems. This system offers customization and adjustable cross bars and hook in the garage. Plenty of shelf space for long-term bin storage and adjustable cross bars and hooks allow you to hang your most used items within reach.


Thanks Chris for letting us share your installation story! What would you get installed in your garage if you could?