Shelving, Workbench, and Epoxy Install

This total garage make-over includes: 12 feet of Monkey Bars adjustable shelving system, four-adjustable wall-mounted shelves, and a fixed Work Bench with Slat Wall for hanging miscellaneous tools. According to the customer, “My garage went from a dark, uninviting place to a totally organized and usable space. I really like the fact that the organization […]

The Ultimate Garage Makeover

In addition to the 8 feet of Monkey Bars adjustable shelving system, we installed four adjustable wall mounted shelves and three sets of tall cabinets. The finishing touch for the garage was the epoxy chipped floor finish. According to the customer, their garage is more functional and attractive now, and they can easily find what […]

Garage Storage for Your Lawn Mower

We installed 8 feet of Monkey Bars adjustable shelving for a customer in Georgetown, KY. When discussing the installation with the customer I asked if he would like us to hang his lawn mower. His reply was, “You can do that?” I told him we could and we did. He was pleasantly surprised when he […]

Benefits of Garage Storage

Benefits of Durable Garage Storage Systems

Has anyone ever said you have a “beautiful home”? Has anyone ever said you have a “gorgeous garage”? Most homeowners never hear the words “gorgeous” and “garage” in the same sentence. However, this doesn’t mean that it is impossible. In fact, the key to a gorgeous garage is simply implementing a customized design by Garage Solutions Central […]