At Garage Solutions Central Kentucky there is no higher priority than the safety and well being of our clients and employees.   We are closely monitoring the ongoing Covid-19 coronavirus outbreak and following the guidelines and recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). We want to share with you some of […]

Total Garage MakeOver

Check out this customers recent garage makeover.     Braden S from Richmond, shared this about his new garage, “We had 20 feet of Monkey Bars shelving system installed, with adjustable cross bars and adjustable hooks, as well as a 6-cabinet combination: with 4 tall, 2 base, 2 upper, with work bench and slat wall. […]

Great Shelving & Accessories

One of our customers Robyn Lenhnert, from Versailles, shared her experience and a picture of her new Monkey Bars garage shelving and accessories. Robyn said, “We love this system! It allows you to add hooks/baskets, etc. as needs change. We have been able to hang multiple items on one hook which takes up little space, […]


We had 12 feet of Monkey Bar shelving installed with adjustable cross bars and hooks. The Monkey Bar shelving is unique with it’s layered hanging system for easy access to often-used items and overhead storage for seldom-used items which allowed us to get items off the floor. The epoxy flaked floor coating gives the garage […]

Plenty of Space

Many times there garage simply doesn’t serve the purposes we want it to. How many of our readers have a cluttered garage so you can’t store nearly as much as you want to? Been there; done that! Don’t deal with that any longer. We love helping families just like yours get all their items in […]

Creating More Room

In this install, our customer wanted to move items from inside the house to the garage and still have room for their two cars. Garage Solutions installed two overhead storage racks above the garage doors, allowing the customer to utilize space that is normally not used.  Whatever your needs, come to us and we will […]

Room For Your Cars

We did a recent installation that we know many potential customers will be interested in. Creating enough space to finally to park cars in the garage is on the top of everyone’s storage goals and needs when they come to us. We are ready to help you get the garage you’ve been waiting for! In […]

Garage Shelving for a Single Car Garage

A single car garage does not provide for much room. But that’s no problem with Monkey Bars shelving. By storing bulk items up high and hanging commonly used belongings on the bar and hook system, just one shelving unit can save a ton of space and makes fitting the car a breeze. “I had Garage […]

Overhead Racks Make Fitting Vehicles Easy

The customer had storage bins in the house that they wanted to move and items they wanted to organize in the garage. In addition, there was a small matter of the Dodge Ram extended cab with a long bed which barely fit in the garage. The solution to solve the problems was Garage Solutions’ overhead […]